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INTO has partnered with NBC's new series Rise to share stories of trans youth the month of March in celebration of Transgender Day of Visibility, which we honor annually on March 31. 

Above, YouTuber Theodore Zane shares his moment of rising up against the hateful people who have tried to make him feel inhuman simply because he's trans.

Below, 24-year-old YouTube personality Jamie Raines, who gives some insight into how he is able to rise up, and feel not just comfortable being trans, but proud to take control of and own his identity.

"When you feel safe and ready," Raines says, "rise up in your own identity, however you feel comfortable with."

LA-based influencer Dawn Dismuke shares her own story of rising up against adversity when not being considered for jobs because she's trans.

And Daniella Carter talks about her moment to rise up, after coming out to her family at 14.

To share your own story of how you rise up, use the hashtag #Rise on Twitter and tune in to watch Rise on NBC Tuesdays at 9/8c.