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After an incredibly successful first season, the “like NPR, on poppers” show ‘Food 4 Thot’ will be returning this December with more sass, more class, more wine, and a cute partnership with this very digital magazine: INTO.

But, wait! What does a partnership with INTO look like? Glad you asked.

Every Sunday starting December 10th, the show will go live everywhere you can download a podcast —  and it will also appear in two very special places that no podcast has ever gone before: Grindr + here.

Yes, there will be a podcast that you can listen to on Grindr! Crazy. I know. But stay with me here.

When you open your lovely Grindr app (we know you have it) the show will pop down with a quick summary of what this week has in store for you from topics to guests to tea —  with sometimes even a quick audio preview of the episode if you ask nicely —  before being brought to INTO where you can subscribe and listen.

Cute, right?

“Working with INTO is a thot-crossover come true,” says host Fran Tirado while holding a Chanel bag and drinking a bottle of Prosecco straight from said bottle. “It’s such a relief to work with a brand that shares the same value sets in sex-positivity, multiplicity of perspective in the queer community, thought-provoking queer content, resistance, and incorporation of trans and nonbinary voices.”

“We have a lot of surprises in store, and we’re positively stoked,” he continued without spilling a drop.

The four hosts remain to be Tommy “Teebs” Pico, critically acclaimed indigenous American poet and author, writer and MacDowell Fellow Dennis Norris II, scientist-memoirist Joseph Osmundson, and Fran Tirado, Executive Editor at Hello Mr.

And the ‘thots’ will also be headlining the inaugural Brooklyn Podcast Festival on November 19, 2017, with special guest, the Comedy Central star Joel Kim Booster, to help kick off their new season.

You can buy your tickets here:

Subscribe to 'Food 4 Thots' here and get ready for a thotty season 2. 

Photo credit: Michael George Photography @migeophoto