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Hello there bbs,

New year, new us. JK, JK we’re staying exactly the same — and we’re cruising into 2018 with a very “us” episode. And can we just say — it might be our favorite from the season. We the Thots discuss “consent” which is more than a buzzword for all y’all’s think pieces, okurrr? What do we consent to when we walk into a gay bar? How do we as queer folk cultivate systems of sexual harassment and rape culture? What are our responsibilities when we enter these spaces, whether we are the flirter or the flirtee?

Also, we bring back our very-requested advice segment “Penny For Yr Thots” and discuss why y’all gotta stop using the word “bitch,” how we navigate toxic attractions to masculinity, and when it’s totally okay to exploit your relationships for art and/or Twitter fodder. And to — ahem — top it all off we discuss our New Year’s resolutions and… it gets personal. Tune in and find out what (and who) the Thots are cutting down on next year.

Auld Lang Syne n’ Shit,

Xx The Thots